Search Engine Optimization

It is NOT just making a search engine list your page high up in search results. It is NOT just adding title attributes to image tag. It is NOT adding keyword or description meta tags. It is NOT generating quality backlinks to your page.

Search Engine Optimisation is a process of improving website visitor quality. If your website sells toys. Then your search engine optimisation process will get you parents looking to buy toys from your website. It is more like targeting perfect visitors or target audience. 99% of website that explain search engine optimisation misses this major factor involving user experience.

Search engine optimisation starts with helping search engines find your content and never ends but continues analysing search performance and user behaviour forever. Many add keywords in their webpage and work on increasing back links and call it a day. A few manage to get listed on top search engines for a specific keyword and consider search engine optimised.

Search engine optimisation involve the below

Tell search engine you exist

Submitting webpage to a search engine manually sets you a fresh start. This is not bad, but you could do better. If a search engine finds you from its own page index then your website has already built its reputation.

For example,

Day 1 manual submission : I submit my website to a search engine

Day 2 manual submission: Search engine tries to identify how to classify my website

Day 1 automatic submission : You find a niche website close to your website’s target audience and get it to link back to your website.

Day 2 automatic submission: Search engine sees your new website and automatically adds your website to its search engine index.

With automatic submission search engine has already made an impression based on the website that introduced your website to the search engine. Say the niche website that introduced your website to the search engine is based on toys then the search engine has already optimised to classify your website in relative to toys, kids, parents, child care, etc. This is better than manual search engine submission.

Tell search engine the pages not to include

It is important not to include pages that can disrupt search engine classification. Search engines constantly try to define and redefine your position for a user’s need or demand for information. Say you are a 10 page website and out of these 10 pages 5 pages are irrelevant. Say these 5 pages are login, terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer, refund policy. Now 50% of the pages indexed in search engine are going to contribute adversely to search engine classification. Most search engines are smart to ignore privacy policy, disclaimers, etc while determining information worthiness. The main point to note is do not show pages to search engine that can impact your search engine information impression.

Speak the search engine language

Influence how search engine shows your results

Help search engines understand your site structure

Create for your visitor content NOT for search engine content

Create for images for your search engine first NOT for your visitor first

Cross browser accessibility and differently enabled friendly

Search engine promotion business site, shopping import, etc.

Analyse performance and user experience

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