How to use an image editor

Most of the image editor are going to have the same basic features such as tool box, layer management, color picker.

A tool box is where you pick your tools to select, color, draw, erase, etc.

Before starting to work on an image you need to make sure you have the right tool for the right job.

For example, you need to select the select tool to select any part of the image. And to paint you need to select a paintbrush or a pencil from the toolbox.

The most important tools which you will need very frequently are the selection, paintbrush, color picker, pencil, text tool, text tool.

Every tool has its own options to enhance its functionality even further.

For example, the selection tool has options such as add, subtract, intersect, invert and each has its own versatility while image editing.

Learning some basic tools in the tool box will get you started with all your image editing needs.

color picker in an image editor software

The color box allows you to select the color you wanted for your tool.

If you are using a paintbrush tool then the color of the paintbrush is determined by what you select in the color box.

There are 2 colour selection options. One is the primary and the other is secondary. This is helpful if you are working on a specific colour theme.

Layer Management in image editing

First there is a background by default. You add a new layer on the background. Everytime you add a new layer you get the layers window populated with checkboxes.
Unchecking the checkbox hides the layer and its associated content from the editor. Working with more complex image editing is easy when you manage your layers properly.
Layers have opacity property which can be reduced to make the layer content lighter. In this case we have used this opacity property to make the content text look like a watermark.

There are many open source tools which will help you edit image for your website. More expensive tools come with more features. Most of us who are planning to earn money online will not need more advanced tools.

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