How to identify your Niche

Niche identification is finding a product or service you wanted to sell in a target market. A simple way to identify niche is answering the questions what do you like?. Then answer the question what can I do to help others like me who like what I like?

What do you like ? I like arts and crafts.

What can I do to help others like me who like what I like ? I can provide Origami Instructions and Diagrams.

From those 2 answers you can workout the below conclusion.

Origami is my specific niche. Arts and crafts is my generic niche. My target markets could be Arts & Entertainment or Hobbies & Creative Arts. You can sell Art & Crafting Materials in general. You can specialize in Art & Craft Paper and dominate the Origami Paper industry.

Keeping focus on Art & Craft Paper and Origami paper items and then gradually start selling generic Art & Crafting Materials is the perfect plan for your niche.

Alternatively you could try going with the current trend. You must know what people need and determine if you can do it for others looking for it.

Going with the trend

Google Trends is a tool from Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages. This can tell what people are searching online. This is the trend in that particular region.

If your website visitors are not from the USA then do not write about Taylor Swift. If your visitors are from China then World cup should not be your niche. More people watch NFL than Soccer in the USA. Few people in Africa play fortnite. More people are eating Ramen these days. Cupcakes are becoming more common. – Says Google Trends.
How to create a facemask at home is the perfect youtube video idea, more people are looking for fitness information, home delivery is becoming more normal. – Says Google Trends.

A quick 5 minutes look at the Google Trend in your area will tell you what you must be selling or writing in order to earn money online. We recommend going with your passion because it will not get you bored. Also please note, current trends change over time because trends change.

Going with your passion

Think about something that you like doing. Yet another example could be gardening, paying video games or anything else you fancy doing like arts and crafts. Now say you like gardening – you need to check if you know everything about gardening. In there anything that you know will be useful to someone else ? Have you solved any gardening problem that could help other similar people ? Would people pay you to solve their problem ?

Selecting a niche within your passion helps you motivate and work harder. You will not get bored easily while working on your passion.

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