How To Earn Money Without Investment

You need money to earn more money. There is no business without initial investment. Initial investment need not be money. It could be time If you do not have money. When you have no money, time is money. Use it wisely.

Here is the plan. You are going to write content. You are going to find people who like to read your content. You are going to write more content for more people. You are going to start with 0 pounds.

You will not be paying for a domain name and hosting space now. Once you earn 99 pence then you are going to buy your domain name. Once you earn a little more you will buy hosting space. After you have your own website and hosting space, you will start building the foundation for your future business.

Identify what you like

Doing what you like makes you do it more without getting bored. Doing what you like makes learning more about it more interesting. When you like something you are more likely to become an expert in it. Before you proceed to the next step it is important to decide where your passion lies. So identify what you like now.

Is it an activity such as running ? Is it a physical item such as a vegetable cutter? Or it is a person, say someone in your family or your role model or may be your favorite sports star? You need to identify what you like. In order to explain things better I am going to take pregnancy as an example. After my son was born, I did so much research and I know some little about a very few things. I identified that I am going to do some business in the pregnancy, motherhood or child related market space. I think I will be interested in these topics and I may not get bored easily. Once you have nailed down this, you must quickly move on to the next step. 

Write content about what you like

Over 50% of users online come looking for information. Your job is to write everything about what you like. Your content must be engaging. The content must be about what people are searching online related to what you like. What you write must solve a problem or educate the visitor about something or provide valuable information. What you write must be very clear, must be well organized, and to the point. Your content must be specific, concise and unambiguous. Create 10 topics with minimum of 500 words each. Make sure all these 10 topics are very closely related. These 10 topics must be interdependent in some way. The idea is if someone reads one topic they must be interested in reading other topics. In my case since I have chosen pregnancy, I am going to write about month 1 till month 9. 

The below are my 10 topics

Topic 1: Nutrition needs during pregnancy
Topic 2: 1st month pregnancy diet
Topic 3: 2nd month pregnancy diet
Topic 4: 3rd month pregnancy diet
Topic 5: 4th month pregnancy diet
Topic 6: 5th month pregnancy diet
Topic 7: 6th month pregnancy diet
Topic 8: 7th month pregnancy diet
Topic 9: 8th month pregnancy diet
Topic 10: 9th month pregnancy diet

Only move on to the next step after having a content plan. A content plan tells you what to write about and when to stop writing. Remember, only to write about the topic and always stick to the topic. Do not make your content too long. You must provide more information with little words. 500 words per content, anything more is not recommended at this stage. 

Build an audience and followers

If you have written good content then people will engage and want you to write more. As you write your content be sure to share the content on facebook, join groups and discuss topics. It is important that you do not start marketing these topics. You must not share your website link and ask people to visit. You must not use social media to generate traffic to your website. Remember you do not have a website yet. You have not uploaded any content anywhere online. You must not do it right now. Right now you have to focus on building relationships with your target audience. Joining groups and engaging with other target audiences helps you understand what more you can do to help them. Since I am going to write content about pregnancy, i am going to join facebook groups about parenthood, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. I am going to answer a few questions and actively participate in discussions, share, comment, like, etc. I am going to earn reputation and build relationships with other users, make some friends or create fans. I am going to actively solve other people’s problems, clarify their doubts, add more value to these groups and discussions. While I do all these I am going to keep note of everything I learn and everything I shared on these groups and discussions. I am going to create a list of friends and fans whom I can reach out for marketing later. Remember building trust is what you are doing right now. Not marketing your website or content. You are not selling. You are identifying who can help you sell and who may be interested in buying whatever you may sell in the future.

Sell affiliate links that do not demand you have a high traffic website

At this point, your engagement is very active on these groups and you have a very clear idea of what people are looking to buy. At this stage, you have identified a gap between yourself and your target audience. This gap is what your visitors want and what you want to provide your visitors. With this knowledge of your visitor’s demand, you are going to look for products and services providers that fill the gap. Let us start with affiliate programs that pay you commission for leads. In the future we will graduate into dropshipping. And ultimately have ownership of the entire supply chain whereby you are no more dropshipping. Your near term goal is to own a website. Your long term goal is to dropship. Your ultimate target is owning your own brand with your own business model and market share. Remember, you must not be stuck on affiliate marketing or dropshipping. Your need to get out of these business models as soon as possible as they are highly unsustainable. During this stage, pay per lead is best because you do not have to convince your visitors to pay. You need to identify 5 affiliate marketing providers who are offering pay per lead opportunities to people without websites. Do not add these links to your content yet. You have just compiled a list of prospective affiliate marketing providers. You need to determine who works well with your target audience. You are going to update the already created 10 topics with an additional 500 words summarizing your engagement experience in these groups and discussions. This step makes your topics more organic. With this step your topic looks natural and relatable within your visitors domain. After these 500 words addition your topic is no more just information online. It must become knowledge. It must provide a valuable life experience to whoever reads it. You will be actively engaging in groups and discussions until you accumulate these additional 500 words for each of your 10 topics. Once you have 1000 words for every 10 topics and if you feel that you have generated knowledge within those 1000 words, then it is time to get started with the easier tasks – building a website and marketing content.

Buy a domain name with the money earned initially

We are going to create a free domain name and link it to a free hosting provider. We are going to create a one page website. Here are the recommended templates. Now you are going to organize your content in such a way that your visitors are getting exactly what they are looking for. You are not going to use this website to trick your visitors into signing up or buying something. You are going to use this website to help your visitors decide if it is right for them to sign up or buy something. Signing up or buying must not be motivated, your primary goal is to educate your visitors about the features of the product you are selling. Signing up or buying must be a decision that your visitor takes after fully understanding what they are buying or signing up for. This is very important. When you are on a free domain name, your only asset is your valuable content. Let us say you have had a couple of leads and have earned commissions. You have earned 99 pence or a bit more, say 2.99 pounds so far, enough to buy your own domain name. If you are in the uk then go for Great news ! you are not a free domain name. But you are a new domain name, still your only asset is your valuable content. Information is what you are selling. Remember you are still linked to a free hosting provider. You only own the domain name. Still more work to do to own hosting.

Build more quality traffic 

You have been spending a lot of time on facebook groups and discussions started by others. It is time to start your own discussion and facebook page. You need to start building your own social presence. You got to stop wasting time on groups and discussions now. Gone are those days where you spent time on others groups generating values and providing valuable information for their visitors. At this stage when you have your own domain name, it is time to start link building and building your social groups, your social handle and social media pages. You must be looking for similar blogs, websites, articles, etc. to link back to your website. You are going to get out of facebook groups and start reaching out to people who own similar websites like yours. You are looking for link exchange opportunities, group collaboration in opportunities, etc. Your goal is to create your own groups and start engaging with your own visitors. You need more followers and likes. Social presence to prove your importance. 

Sign up for affiliate link that demands a dotcom domain name

With a good social presence and a good traffic it is time for you to start affiliate marketing. Starting any earlier than this has the risk of rejection. There are many affiliate marketing programs that do not allow you if you do not have good traffic. We highly recommend not to start applying until you have a good decent amount of traffic.

At this point, you are an expert. You are selling affiliate link for every products in your niche

You are earning and it is time to reinvest everything or part of what you are earning. Now it is time to transition into a paid hosting provider. Usually, you will get an email from your hosting service provider stating that you are getting more traffic. Once you get more traffic your hosting service provider sends your offers and deals requesting you to sign up now. It is always a great feeling when you pay over 50% less as compared to what everyone else paid online for the same plan.

Knowing everything about something you like makes you an expert in something you like. This is the best thing that could happen to you. You never get bored of doing what you like.

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