How to earn money online

A million-pound question! how to earn money online.

Many ways to earn

There are lots of earning opportunities. You could join a website that pays you for attending surveys and waste your time. You could sign up a website that pays you for searching the web and end up not getting what you are searching for i.e. money. You could do affiliate marketing and sell other’s products until your sale share diminishes. You could start a website and sell ads until Google is willing to show ads on your website.

Golden rule to earn money

Dont sell for others, don’t help others sell! Build your own, sell your own!

When you are in affiliate marketing your scope is limited to what you are selling. You are completely relying on someone else’s product to perform well. Year 1 company pays affiliate earning of 30% on sales, year 2 affiliate earning drops to 20% on sales, year after year that goes down and reaches around 5-10% for a very successful product. If you are selling others’ products then you are wasting your energy on something that is not sustainable.

Selling ads are great as long as you are relevant to search engines and your visitors. With ad blockers active more than 50% of your visitors do not see any ads. Besides, more than 60% of users online know to avoid ads including native ads. Selling ads seldom make everyone earn 6 figures.

What should you be doing to earn money? Build your brand, sell in your brand. Establish your name and promote your name. This is what we intend to share with you here. Everyone can earn off dot com. But the catch is you need a plan and a strategy that works.

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