How to create a website

A website is a collection of web pages. is a website. A web page can be static or dynamic. A static page content does not change. For example is a static page. A dynamic page content changes frequently. is an example of a dynamic web page. All web pages are stored on a server online.

Hosting and Hosting service provider

To create a website you need web pages and a place to store your web pages. A place where all your web pages are stored is called a hosting server. A hosting server is provided by a hosting service provider. webpages are stored on Hostinger servers. hosting service provider is Hostinger International, Ltd.

Domain name

In order to access these web pages in an easy and user friendly way you need to map these web pages to a domain name. A typical domain name looks like WWW . DOMAIN NAME . COM. For example is a domain name.

Cost to hosting and registering a domain

A domain name can typically cost you 14 USD and the hosting can typically cost you 5 USD per month. A domain name once registered is valid for 1 year. And hence it makes logical sense to pay hosting for 12 months. Usually when you are paying for 12 months in advance you get a good discount. Some times when you pay for hosting over 12 months you could end up paying as little as 99 cents per months.

There are also free domain names and free hosting services providers if you are starting off and learning to create your own website.

Content Management System

You could manually write HTML code to create web pages or you could alternatively use a content management system. Content management system abstracts the complexity involved in design, layout, formats, standards, etc. If you are using a content management system then you need not worry about writing HTML code. You can directly focus on the content and the HTML code is automatically generated in the background. WordPress is a well established content management system.

Create a website in 5 minutes

  • 00:01 Navigate to or and register a domain name
  • 02:00 visit or and register for a free hosting space
  • 03:00 Use the Softaculous automatic script installer to install WordPress
  • 04:00 Link your hosting account with your domain name

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