How to create a call script

Call or email script is not just for salespeople. It also helps an entrepreneur who does everything by himself including responding to an email or attending a customer’s call. Before we plan on creating a call or email template we need to determine the scene. A script is very specific to a customer’s mood. A scene is more generic or specific to a customer’s situation.

A specific script looks like below:

1. Customer: Hi, do you offer any discounts today?
2a. You: At the moment we do not offer any discounts, but I can offer you a 10% OFF coupon for sales over 100. [OR]

2b. You: We are planning to increase the sales price for our new items to cover additional overhead costs. The current cost of this item is only until stocks last.[OR]

2c. You: Unlike other stores we do not charge high price to generate more sales revenue. We are a family owned business taking pride in what we do. I regret to inform you that all our prices are final and only includes a 10% markup to cover incurred cost. But, if you can please share your email id then I will get in touch with you when we have any new offers or discounts.[OR]

2c. You: Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, we can offer 5% OFF for the item if you buy more than one.
3a. Customer: No, I am not interested.[OR]

3b. Customer: Thank you.

4. You: If you can share your email id then I will get back to you after talking to my marketing team within the next 1 hours.

A scene can be a logical combination of the above.

Customer unhappy with discount: 1. -> 2a. -> 3a. -> 4.

Customer happy with discount: 1. -> 2a. -> 3b. -> 4.

As you can see that a scene is more specific to the customer’s current stage in the buying process. You need to come up with all possible scenes and be prepared. All scenes must lead to making your customer buy.

Stay focussed on the objective

What is the objective ? Make sales or create brand awareness or getting customer feedback after sales or do you want people to like you on facebook or recommend your product to family and friends.It is important not to overlap all into one. Your objective cannot be make sales and also get the product recommended to friends and family. If you try doing everything in a single script within a single scene then you are over complicating your job. Staying focussed and working on making your customer do a single action helps you handle more customer at the same time. Keeping everything simple helps maintain and manage conversations. Ensure that every script clearly identifies when the conversation ends. If the customer does not like the discount then capture email id and move on. If the customer likes the discount then capture email id and move on. Script and scene must have a very clear identifier for ending the conversation.

Personalize for your customer and their stage in the buying process

When selling to the UK customers talk in terms of BST and British pounds. And similarly, when selling to USA customers you need to talk in terms of EST and US dollars. It is worth knowing that technically the UK has 9 time zone due to its overseas territories and the USA has 4 time zone. You can expect your customers to convert as long as you are helping them. Invest in CRM, capture documents, opportunities, prospects, customers, and predict future customers and advocates for your product.

Provide a business value addition to make active engagement

Within 30 seconds of your conversation, you must have made your customer expect what is going to come in the next 30 seconds. First 15 seconds to introduce yourself and your company and the next 15 seconds to tell you what you are going to offer. After this total of 30 seconds in the conversation, you will need to know if the customer is interested in talking to you for the next 30 seconds. If yes, then you take the next 30 seconds to provide a business value addition. A business value addition can be anything good that your customer is getting when he is willing to buy from you. A business value addition is not just the item you are selling. A business value addition can be the 90 days return policy, 1 year warranty, 10% discount, buy 1 get 1 free offer, etc. Always offer something to your customer for listening to you when you are talking.

Call to action conclusion

During the conversation, you must be presented with facts and numbers that can be corroborated with reality. For example, if you say the deal will end tonight then the deal must end tonight. When you claim that you offer the best deal then you must be able to justify that with something substantiates that claim. All this information must narrow down to encouraging your customer to make the sale. The conversation stage must be set in such a way that if they do not act now then you will miss it. In case if they missed it then ensure you still have an email id to continue the conversation. Remember that email ids can help not only selling to this particular customer but you could do look alike audience.

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