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Save over 20 pounds every month while grocery shopping. Or a minimum of 5 pounds every week every time you spent 40 pounds or over. In this post, I will be sharing the advantages of having the Sainsburys credit card. I will be showing you about the nectar card benefits. I initially considered nectar as something that will not save me more. But after I started to use it I realize that these points add up soo soon too fast. For the past 3 months, on average, I have saved a little over £20.

Using my nectar card, I have saved over 500 pounds so far. During the festival months, you can earn much more. There are more deals and offers that encourage you to shop more. Sainsbury’s sends offers every week. All you have to do it add these offers and shop like you normally do.

There are also partner offers and other coupons that you can leverage to earn even more. The beauty of these offers is that these offers are on items that you frequently purchase. If you purchase more chicken, then you get offers for chicken. Not just any chicken, but the same brand and same packing.

Rememeber, there are some things that you must note. For example, when you buy more of the same item you do not earn multiple times. For example, if yellow pepper earns you 20 points, then it means that only one pepper earns you that point. Buying more than one yellow pepper will not earn you one point. No matter how many yellow pepper you buy you get only 20 points.

Yet another thing to remember is that you must buy yellow pepper. It must be the same brand and same item iterms of weight. If you get green pepper instead of yellow pepper then you do not get the points for that.

Yet another way to earn is through partners. British Airways is the latest partner who joined recently. You can earn points and fly. There are also other partners such as ebay, argos and others alike. Personally, I have not seen much profit spending points on partners’ websites. I stick to grocery shopping only.

Now let us talk about their credit card. I use Sainsbury’s credit card for Sainsbury’s grocery shopping. You can check if you are eligible by filling up their credit card form. Your credit score will not be impacted. Let us say if you are not qualified for Sainsbury’s credit card, then first try building your credit by using an aqua credit card. These are cards for improving your credit history.

Aqua card has a very high-interest rate, but if you are planning to pay your statement balance every month, then it must not matter so much for you. This credit card also earns you points, but not so much as other cards. Yet, it is a good card in order to build your credit history.

You must also check your credit score regularly in Experian or TransUnion. After I signed up with Aqua credit card, it took me about 4 months to build credit. In the 6th month I was in good rating and in the 9th month I got into excellent. The key is to increase your overall credit limit and keep the utilization between 10 to 20 percentage.

So far we have not noticed Sainsbury’s hiking the price based on the item’s demand. I have been shopping for a couple of things very regularly from Sainsbury’s. And I have noticed that the unit price keeps almost the same, with a plus or minus 10 pence variance range.

Furthermore, Sainsbury’s regularly sends surveys to get customer feedback. You can earn ten thousand points by providing feedback. They also publish the list of winners for the past few months on their website.

Shopping for groceries with Sainsburys has given me a great saving opportunity and has also taken my savings to greater new heights. It is highly recommended that before applying for Sainsbury’s or any credit card, you checkout Experian for your credit score.

Alternatively, you could try your credit score at Creditkarma too. If you have a good financial history in the country, then you will have a good credit rating. A good credit rating is essential for getting approval for any credit card.

Please remember, that managing a credit card demands more financial awareness. You need to understand billing cycle, billing dates, payment due dates, interest rates and more. Also remember, every submitted application for a credit card, causes a hard financial check against your credit history. Too many hard checks can impact your credit score. Hence, proceed with credit card applications very carefully.

I have tried the ASDA credit card too, and it was more beneficial but it is discontinued now.

As a final note, at any point in time, there will be one provider offering you more benefit than others. I personally feel Sainsbury’s offer good value for money, and customer benefits right now as of January 2021. It is obvious from the home delivery costs too.

This may not be the same always. Hence, I urge you to check all offers before you spend your hard-earned money on any shop online.

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