Find correct commodity code, duty and VAT rates

Importing or exporting something ? You will need to lookup the correct commodity code first. After knowing the commodity code you will know what is the correct duty and taxes. Things to know before looking up commodity code Firstly, are you importing or exporting ? Secondly, are you importing outside EU or within EU ? Finally, what is the item you importing or exporting made of ? Why do I need to know correct commodity code ? It is not just about paying money out of your pocket. It is also about finding......

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Avoid confusion in choosing commodity code

You can ask the HMRC to help you classify your goods. The help you get can be an informal advice or a legal binding. You will be reaching out to the Classification Enquiries team via their email with some basic information. Any response you get form this team will be an informal advice on the classification and commodity code. Advice on requesting correct commodity code classification Introduce yourself and your living status. Typically one line where you can say your name, the company you work for along with your nationality or VISA status.......

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