Social Media advertising

This is a very direct way to target you customers. Unlike search engine marketing, in social media marketing you get the opportunity to lookup customers based on their preference. If you are selling some thing new or something only very few people search online and people are not going to specifically search for this online then social media advertising is your perfect approach. For example, brooches, which is an ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin. Only few people search online for brooches. With social media advertising you can target people who......

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Search Engine Optimization

It is NOT just making a search engine list your page high up in search results. It is NOT just adding title attributes to image tag. It is NOT adding keyword or description meta tags. It is NOT generating quality backlinks to your page. Search Engine Optimisation is a process of improving website visitor quality. If your website sells toys. Then your search engine optimisation process will get you parents looking to buy toys from your website. It is more like targeting perfect visitors or target audience. 99% of website that explain search......

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