how to create a brand

A brand is a quality perception. Usually, you know the name of the company and hence you associate their products as high quality. When you have not heard about a company’s name, then you are not sure about their products. Most of the time a good brand corresponds to good popularity or in other words everyone has heard the name of the company. A brand is also what uniquely identifies one product from another with respect to a customer’s desire for ownership of that product. When there are many products in the market,......

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why is having a call script important

Call or email script is not just for salespeople. It also helps an entrepreneur who does everything by himself including responding to an email or attending a customer’s call. Before we plan on creating a call or email template we need to determine the scene. A script is very specific to a customer’s mood. A scene is more generic or specific to a customer’s situation. A specific script looks like below: 1. Customer: Hi, do you offer any discounts today?2a. You: At the moment we do not offer any discounts, but I can......

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how to create a website

A website is a collection of web pages. is a website. A web page can be static or dynamic. A static page content does not change. For example is a static page. A dynamic page content changes frequently. is an example of a dynamic web page. All web pages are stored on a server online. Hosting and Hosting service provider To create a website you need web pages and a place to store your web pages. A place where all your web pages are stored is called a hosting server.......

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