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Analyse your money earning opportunities

Before you earn money online you need to determine what works best for you and your lifestyle. Most earn money online ventures fail due to lack of analysis. This is the stage where you conceptualize what you are going to do. You are going to stay away from how you are going to do.

First, you need to determine what are you selling. Is it information? Or is it goods? If it is information, do you have enough data and required knowledge for creating quality content? If it is goods, are you going to improve something already existing? Or are you going to solve an existing problem? If you have something new to sell then it is much better. Whatever it is you are planning to sell you need to determine now so that you determine how much you need to start.
We recommend starting to earn online free without any initial investment. This is how most of us did and this is what we highly recommend doing.
Having money to start your new business can speed up a lot of things but without money you will fully focus on gaining knowledge and building organic assets such as visitor optimized content, building social group, fan following etc. With money, you tend to skip building these hard-earned assets and go directly to pay per click, social media advertising, etc.
Money drives results faster, hard work drives results without money. Money makes results dependent on the amount of money you can invest. If you sell ads for 100 you get 3 sales. If you sell ads for 1000 you get 30 sales. Whereas hard work today makes results independent of your ability to continuously invest. Hard work takes 100 hours and gets you 3 sales. If you work 1000 hours you get 30 sales. The difference is you can stop working once the hard work is done.
We highly recommend you to invest more hard work and less money when you are trying to earn money online. The formula to success is hard work to deliver quality.

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