Avoid confusion in choosing commodity code

You can ask the HMRC to help you classify your goods. The help you get can be an informal advice or a legal binding. You will be reaching out to the Classification Enquiries team via their email with some basic information. Any response you get form this team will be an informal advice on the classification and commodity code.

Advice on requesting correct commodity code classification

Introduce yourself and your living status. Typically one line where you can say your name, the company you work for along with your nationality or VISA status. Immediately after this start to describe the item you are planning to import. Mention the broader classification in which you feel your item may be classified appropriately. It is a good idea to include a commodity code which you personally feel may be the correct one.

Composition of importing item

Next try to inform on what these goods are made of. Try to include everything that makes this item. For example, if you are importing clothing then ensure you mention the percentage composition of the material such as 90% cotton and 10% wool. Bottomline, include everything with exact proportion to help the team.

Target consumer of importing item

You will have to explain how this item will be used by all types of consumers. More specific information helps take the right decision. Example, if you are planning to import nappy and specifying the nappy is not for adults can save you some money on duty and tax. Clothing for infants or new born babies pay less import duties. Clothing for premature newborns or clothing for infants needing special care or a medical support apparel for infants has no import duties. Hence, being specific about target consumers helps classify commodity code correctly and realise benefit.

How is the imported item used

Explain how to item is used. It is better to provide a short description on how the item functions and achieves its intended goal. For example, if you are importing watch you can mention if the dial has radium which illuminates during darkness. You can mention the type of movement, whether it is quartz, mechanical or automatic. Does the item comes with battery and the type of battery, etc. Ensure you provide enough information to help the team and not too much information to overload the team.

How is the item packed

You have to also include the packaging method. Does the item come in plastic bag, or recyclable plastic or environmental friendly wooden boxes or paper boxes.

Last but not the least, ensure there is a contact number and email provided in the email footer. If you have more than one item to ask then consider sending separate email for different item.

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