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It is great to see you here trying to learn more about us. The passion to help others earn online was not born in recent years but was inherent within everyone with earn off dot-com team. Before we brag, let us nail down a few things to set up some context.


earn off dot com (earnoff.com) literally means what it says – earn off dot com. We plan on helping everyone buy a dot com website and then we plan on sharing some of our experience on how to earn money from your dot com website.

On a rainy day in the southern part of the peninsula, a little boy asked this question – “How to earn off a dot com website?” The year was 1999 and we were in the midst of the Y2K problem, 999 Saturn is coming, the world is going to end, and a lot more Bull S***. It was the dot com bubble in the part of the world we were in.

The dotcom bubble (1995 – 2001)

A dot com company back then was an organization that manages business primarily through its website. Every business was starting to make their own website. Very few of these businesses knew how to make money out of their website. We saw an opportunity and wanted to do more to help many local businesses do more.

But alas, eCommerce was not so much accessible for us in high school. In order to accept payment, we needed a merchant account. No any payment processors such as stripe or square exist. Paypal was brand new and not available to accept money in my part of the world.

To fully understand our story let us take a trip way back to the late 90s in the memory lane.

Memory lane

1999: our school organized compufest, an event active till date where people displayed many softwares to intrigue young people’s interests in computers. We were giving demo too.

2000: Y2K was not a problem, Jesus did not come nor did Saturn, the world did not end but recession started but was very short-lived.

2001: We started writing code but not for the web yet. Sify iway, an internet cafe center where people can access internet started in our area. We got the membership card and were online all the time. Yahoo booters, Irchatan and much more on the line online.

2002: 12th grade, a very serious year. This is when your countries education system encourages you to be an employee. Read, learn, write, score, finally get to college. And we did, we got into different colleges. We learned to be employees, tried to establish new business on the side while being employed. Money was good and was coming regularly, but still not good enough to drop college.

2006: Party ! Party ! Party ! We are big boys now and we are getting into the job market. BPOs, KPOs, IPOs everywhere. After 4 years of education, we are not going to take a call centre job. Some got real software engineering jobs but few were still looking. We will wait until someone hires us. We were having our online side kicks earning money to get chips and wine in our backpacks.

2007: There are too many of us. Software engineers everywhere. Software companies not only hiring computer engineers but also started hiring mechanical engineers, diploma holders, 12th graders, etc. GNIIT offered 1-year fast track computer engineering course with placement which made us look further redundant. The recession was starting to reduce our online income and still few of us got a job and most of us are still looking.

2006 till date until 2021: We are still employed and will stay unnamed until we are. That is who we are – we are unnamed while employed.

2022: Not employed anymore.

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We help you earn off dot com. In case if you find anything that needs to be improved on our website, please reach out to us and we would look into it. Meanwhile, we believe we can help others earn off a dot com.

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